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Karen Nevins Goldman


Available Services

Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy for couples within an Imago Therapy structure for creating a safe space for communication while learning specific relationship-centered techniques that help heal ruptures within the relationship.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy with the inclusion of relaxation techniques.

Stress Management

Stress management approaches for daily living.

Insight Work

Insight work to gain self knowledge towards moving toward goals and addressing behaviors that work against achieving one’s goals or aspirations.

Depression Management

Tools for managing mild depression.

Creative Arts Therapy

I also have the ability to use a combination of creative arts therapy and verbally-led approaches towards goals we will create together during Imago Therapy. My first training was in Dance and Movement Therapy, and I am also experienced in using art and music to support therapeutic processes when helpful.

Imago Workshops

Imago workshops to introduce couples to how the Imago approach functions for healing relationship ruptures and to introduce the basic Imago exercises. And, pre-marital therapy workshops to help couples prepare for marriage are planned for the coming years.

The Art of Imago Therapy

As a certified imago Therapist, I specialize in helping those seeking to heal fractures in their primary relationships. For 35 years I have served in the field of psychotherapy while being successfully married and raising a family. Our work with an Imago Therapist gave my husband and I the capacity to sustain our healthy, loving connection through life’s challenges and our individual differences. Imago therapists teach couples how to express deeply to each other while listening with love.

I hold a Masters degree in Dance and Movement Therapy from Hahnemann University, have extensive experience with incorporating art and music into therapeutic processes, have developed my own research and writing. I offer Imago sessions that heal and enrich relationships in ways you will find accessible and deeply supportive of both partners.

Please give me a call If you desire greater intimacy and communication with your partner. The journey of relationship skill building and healing through the Imago approach is transformational!

Karen Nevins Goldman

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.”
– David Augsburger

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